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Search used and nearly new cars that are cheap to insure

New to driving? First car? or perhaps you're just looking to reduce your running costs.

Choosing a car with a low insurance group is a great way to keep your motoring costs down. We have a great selection of used cars just for you. Search all our cheapest to insure cars in one place. Browse cars from insurance group 1-10 here.

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How much will it cost to insure a car?

There are many factors that make up the cost of your car insurance such as your age, occupation, even where you live.

The vehicle you choose will also make a difference. Vehicles are categorised into 50 possible insurance groups with 1 being the cheapest to insure and 50 the most expensive. The insurance group is the best indicator of potential car insurance price although factors about you and the type of journeys you do will also be considered.

If you would like to know the insurance group of a specific vehicle you will find it under the 'Technical' tab on every vehicle listed here.

Other ways to reduce the cost of running a car

Insurance is not the only thing to think about if you're looking for the lowest running cost. You should also consider the fuel economy, road fund licence and finance deal.

Fuel Economy and Tax

Look for cars with higher miles per gallon and lower tax. You can find this information under the 'Efficiency' tab on a vehicle listing. You can even estimate your fuel costs (based on the manufacturer's figures).

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Finance Deals

Financing a car at Richard Nash Cars is an easy way to spread the cost of your motoring. You can apply for finance on any of our cars using the calculator on the vehicle page.

Do you have questions about finance?

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