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Do you need money for your car? We would like to buy your car and we'll probably pay you more for it than you might think. Selling directly to Richard Nash Cars cuts out the middle man, unlike other car buying services, so you can get the best price for your car. It's easy, you're dealing with a trustworthy company and you could have the money in your account within a few hours. Find out how much your car is worth today

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What you need to sell your car

To sell your car to Richard Nash Cars you will need the following:

  • The latest V5C Logbook
  • A current valid photo card driving licence or UK passport
  • The service history for your vehicle
  • Vehicle keys
  • Locking wheel nut key (if applicable)
  • Your bank details for payment
  • A settlement letter from the finance company showing your agreement number, settlement figure, the date the settlement figure is valid to, the name of the finance company and their bank details.

Can I sell my car if it’s on finance?

If you are selling your car privately then you will need to pay off your finance before you can legally sell it.

Sell your car to Richard Nash Cars and we settle the outstanding finance on your behalf. If your car is worth less than the amount of outstanding finance, you only need to pay us the difference between the two figures and not the full amount. If your car is worth more than the amount you owe to the finance company, we pay you the difference.

Selling your car but want to keep your private number plate

If you want to sell your car but hold on to your personalised number plate you will need to apply to put your private number plate on retention; you can apply to do this online or by post with the DVLA. There is usually a charge to do this.

Once you have completed your application, a new V5C Logbook will be sent to the address on the current logbook. In most cases, the car will return to the same number plate it had before you applied your personalised plate.

Where can I sell my car?

You can sell your car at any of our three locations in Norwich. In certain circumstances we may be able to arrange to collect your car from your home address.

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