Finance FAQs

The following frequently asked questions may be of help to you.

Q | Do you offer finance?

A | We offer a range of finance packages from a list of lenders. We work with Blue Motor Finance but also with specialist brokers who help with customers who have specific requirements or issues with their credit history.

Q | Can I trade my car in if I still have finance outstanding?

A | Yes you can. If there is finance outstanding we can settle this for you. This process needs to be handled correctly but our fully trained Special Automotive Finance Experts will advise you and explain everything in detail.

Q | What finance options are available?

A | Many customers choose a PCP (personal contract purchase), which can often get you into a newer and better vehicle, but we also offer higher purchase. Virtually every car is eligible for hire purchase, typically only newer cars are eligible for a PCP, please ask one of our sales team for details. The videos on our 'Finance' page explain the features of Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase agreements.

Q | How will I know which finance package is right for me?

A | Richard Nash Cars Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and our salespeople are all SAF trained to give you the best help and advice. They can talk you through the various options available and demonstrate which ones offer the solution that best suits your needs.​

Q | What if I have no deposit?

A | Because our cars are keenly priced we can, subject to status, often accommodate customers who wish to pay no deposit, or want to use some of the value of their vehicle in part-exchange, and receive some of the value in cash. 

Q | How long will it take to sort out the paperwork?

A | We pride ourselves in ensuring that all administration is carried out efficiently and correctly. We are fully familiar with all aspects of the documentation connected with the financing process and will advise you correctly throughout so you are enjoying your new car as soon as possible.​

Q | What information do you need for finance?

A | We require only limited information and, in most circumstances, the only document required is a driving licence. Once submitted, your application is usually processed and accepted within minutes. Occasionally it can take a bit longer but is normally dealt with within the same day.

Q | I’m not sure about my credit history. How do I stand for finance?

A | Often we can accommodate borrowers who have had some issues with their credit history. All lending is subject to status. We also work with lenders who can perform a ‘soft search’ to avoid leaving an imprint on your credit history when checking eligibility. Please ask for more details if you wish to do this.

Q | Do I need a deposit?

A | You don't necessarily need a deposit, although many people prefer to pay a deposit or use their part-exchange in order to lower the monthly repayments.