Peace of Mind

Vehicle history checks

Every car we buy is subject to independent security checks.

  • is not recorded as stolen
  • has not been written-off
  • is not Cat A, B,C or D, (damage categories)
  • has not been scrapped

  • is not subject to outstanding finance
  • is not wanted by the police, lenders or other third parties
  • has no mileage discrepancies

Our information providers include HPI (established over 75 years) and National Mileage Register (official mileage records collected from various sources inc DVLA).

HPI has been checking the histories of used cars since 1938 and was the first to introduce this invaluable service. It's many years of experience in the industry means that it's HPI Check service represents the very best in vehicle history checks.

HPI also runs the National Mileage Register, the largest independent database of vehicle mileages in the UK.

We also confirm registration details, the number of owners and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) allowing us to validate these with vehicle’s paperwork and against the vehicle itself.

Professional Buying

Many of the cars we sell have been owned by us from brand new. Many others are part-exchanges from local customers - many of which were supplied by us previously.

We also have a full time buyer who sources top-quality cars from professional suppliers and we also purchase cars similar to the ones we sell from local private sellers. If you have a car you would like to sell, contact us and we'll make you a genuine offer. Use our simple form to supply the details and we'll call you to discuss the valuation.