Your Next Car FAQs

The following frequently asked questions may be of help to you.

Q | Do I need to make an appointment for a test-drive?

A | Some people prefer to make an appointment - others chose to do so after they've had a look round and seen a car that interests them. We're happy to accommodate you either way.

Q | What do I need to bring to test drive a car?

A | Please bring your driving licence with you.

Q | If I want to try the car in my drive or garage is that possible?

A | Yes we are happy for you to take it home on a test drive or for us to bring the car to you (subject to distance).

Q | What warranty do I get?

A | All our cars come with a 12 month Silver guarantee which covers the specified mechanical & electrical components for unlimited claims in the guarantee period. Some cars may have the balance of manufacturer's warranty but will be made up to 12 months if there's less than 12 months manufacturer's warranty left. Our sales staff will go through this with you and you will also have an opportunity to upgrade your cover and the period if you so wish – up to a total of three years cover.

Q | Are there any costs on top of the advertised price?

A | We do not charge any administration fees for handling your purchase but it's quite likely that you will have Road Fund License to pay for, and if you are transferring your private registration number, the DVLA fee is currently £80, plus the cost of the number plates. Any additional items, should you choose, are entirely optional.

Q | How long will I have to wait for my new car?

A | We sell from physical stock that we own, so there should be no lengthy delays. Normally it takes 3/5 days but if you need your new car urgently we can usually oblige - it could be as little as a couple of hours if necessary (Note: if you are transferring your private registration plate, this can on occasions delay things a little.)

Q | What about paperwork, handbooks, spare keys and so on?

A | In the vast majority of cases, we have all the supporting paperwork and documentation and physical bits and pieces concerning every car we sell.

Q | What happens if I have an issue after delivery?

A | Simply contact the branch that you purchased your car from and we will deal with it. You can speak to either the salesperson you bought the car from; the service manager or the sales/general manager.

Q | Can I have an independent inspection on a vehicle?

A | Yes. You or your independent inspector is welcome to carry out as detailed an inspection as you wish.

Q | How can I pay for my car?

A | If you are having finance through us, the finance company will pay us direct. Our preferred method of payment for any monies that you pay yourself is via direct bank transfer. We can accept building society cheques and bank drafts and also a certain level of payment via a UK debit card, these are by subject to prior agreement.

Q | How much deposit do I need to put down to secure a car?

A | We normally ask for a £250 deposit when you agree to purchase a car - with any balance payable on collection.

Q | What checks do you make before selling a car?

A | (i) We only stock vehicles with a warranted mileage, which have had either one owner, or have been checked by the National Mileage Register service (recognised by Trading Standards. (New, delivery-mileage and one-owner vehicles do not require a mileage check, as we obtain an invoice from the supplier confirming that the mileage is warranted.) (ii) We thoroughly inspect every car on arrival. Our team of mechanics, cosmetic repair specialists and valeters then prepare every vehicle to our exacting standards. (iii) If we doubt any vehicle, we simply don't accept it for sale. So you can buy a second-hand car from us with complete confidence. (iv) We then re-check your car prior to you picking it up; making sure it meets our stringent standards, and is totally safe, before it is handed over. (v) For complete piece of mind, your sales executive will ensure that you are completely confident with the controls of your new car before you drive away.

Q | Is it worth trying to sell my car myself privately?

A | This is for you to decide. In our experience, it usually isn't and selling your car yourself privately can be a minefield. We always try to give you a fair price and the small amount extra that you might be able to get from a private sale is unlikely to be worth the problems connected with doing so. Typical problem can include silly low offers, insurance problems, and disagreeable behaviour.

Q | Do all your cars have Service History?

A | Yes, but bear in mind that we sell in excess of 2000 cars a years so there may be the odd car that has a stamp or so missing

Q | Do I have to have the car serviced at your premises to maintain the warranty?

A | No, it’s entirely your choice where you have your car maintained. But we would welcome the opportunity to service and maintain your car and will always try to keep costs to a minimum.