How we can help FAQs

The following frequently asked questions may be of help to you.

Q | Can I buy a car that's worth less than my trade-in car?

A | Yes, it doesn't matter at all to us. If your trade-in vehicle is worth more than the car you're buying, we can refund you the difference.

Q | Do you take part exchanges?

A | Yes. We are happy to accept any vehicle in part-exchange - regardless of make; model; mileage; condition or value.

Q | Can I part-exchange my van or motorbike?

AYes, we happy to consider vehicles other than cars in part-exchange.

Q | Can I trade in more than one vehicle against just one car?

AYes, we're happy to accept more than one vehicle in part-exchange.

Q | Can I trade my car in if the MOT has run out?

AYes, you can. If your MOT has run out, we normally pop round - subject to distance - and view the car in order to save you having to drive it illegally.

Q | My car is so old - is it likely to be worth anything in part-exchange?

AYes. Sometimes very old cars without MOTs or those that will not run can be worth very little but we still take them in part-exchange. This solves the problem of you having to dispose of them.

Q | Can you deliver my new vehicle and collect my part-exchange?

AIf you've been to one of our branches and agreed a deal we will be happy to deliver your new vehicle almost anywhere in the UK and collect your part-exchange vehicle, if you have one. If you haven't been to one of our branches call us and we'll arrange a mutually convenient way forward.

Q | My part-exchange is in someone else’s name, does this matter?

A | This is fine as long as the vehicle’s owner is available to sign the transfer documents or you can bring a letter of authority with the signed documentation.

Q | How often do you update the stock on your website?

A | Our website is updated daily. Fresh stock is added, and sold cars removed.

Q | I work awkward hours or shifts; can I make an appointment to view the car at a time that suits me?

A | Yes, simply call the branch that has the car that you are interested in and make a mutually convenient arrangement with one of our sales staff.

Q | What kind of backup service do you offer after I have bought from you?

A | We have a very comprehensive back up and support service. If you have any problems or concerns regarding any aspect of your purchase, simply call or drop in and we'll do everything we can to help.

Q | Will I receive the same level of servicing buying a car from you as a non franchised dealership?

A | We certainly hope so. Main dealers don't always have the ability to be flexible and fully accommodate customers whereas a strong independent such as Richard Nash Car often do so. So, we like to think that our service is always of the high standard you would hope for and expect.

Q | I want to reserve a car now but cannot get in to see you straight away? Can you help?

A | In this situation you need to talk to the sales staff at the branch where the car is and make a mutually convenient arrangement.