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Hatchback Saloon Sports Estate/MPV 4x4 Convertible

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Hatchback Saloon Sports Estate/MPV 4x4 Convertible

Richard Nash Group - Commercial Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles & Vans

We have a great range of commercial vehicles and vans at our Vulcan Road South branch. If you have a particular model in mind let us know and we'll do our best to find it for you.

Richard Nash Group

Pre-sale preparation


Presales Prep 590

When you buy a car you want it to run smoothly, and everything to work as it should. Here at Richard Nash, we have an extensive pre-sale preparation procedure to ensure that when you collect your new car, everything is working as it should.

In addition to any servicing, we also carry out our own internal check system. This is where we aim to spot any faults that don't always show up on a standard service. Examples of things we check that could otherwise get missed include the effectiveness of the air conditioning system; operation of front and rear parking sensors and the operation of any in-car entertainment systems such as CD, radio and sat nav.

And with an increasing number of cars having a variety of spare tyre options (including no spare at all), checks are carried out to ensure that you have an adequate system in event of a puncture.

Each car comes with a 12 months MOT (where applicable) unless the existing MOT runs for 6 months or more.

Thorough Valet

Each car is given a thorough valet, paintwork is checked and cosmetic blemishes worked on so that when you collect your car it's looking it's best, it's mechanically sound, free of mechanical or electrical defects and is ready to perform for you