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Hatchback Saloon Sports Estate/MPV 4x4 Convertible

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Hatchback Saloon Sports Estate/MPV 4x4 Convertible

Richard Nash Group - Commercial Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles & Vans

We have a great range of commercial vehicles and vans at our Vulcan Road South branch. If you have a particular model in mind let us know and we'll do our best to find it for you.

Richard Nash Group

Why buy from Richard Nash Cars?


Eamonn Molloy, front right, chats with customers in our Rouen Road showroom.


We know that when it comes to buying your next car that for many people this proves to be a big decision.

A car is an important purchase. You want a good car, a reliable car and you want a good deal. Most importantly you want to be treated fairly – both before and after the sale.

Here at Richard Nash Cars we really do aim to make that decision and whole process as smooth and reassuring as possible.

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We really like to focus on getting this right for each and every customer, priding ourselves on the quality of our stock and the way we prepare every car for sale.

Getting things right

Our staff take huge pride in making sure that everything is carried out exactly as we say it will be. However if things are not quite right or as you would expect them to be then we are here for you and ensure that we treat you fairly and resolve the matter as soon as possible. This all comes from our pledge to treat customers fairly and to be able to maintain any car we sell.

When dealing with us you can be assured that:

  • all our vehicles are HPI checked to ensure that there is no outstanding finance, no insurance total loss and no stolen vehicle report
  • the vast majority of our nearly-new cars have been owned by us from new
  • any cars failing our workshop inspection are rejected for sale
  • all our cars are prepared to a very high standard with a minimum 12 months warranty
  • we always offer a fair and competitive part-exchange price and also very competitive finance packages
  • we have easy parking facilities at all locations and friendly staff who are here to help and to ensure all paperwork is in order
  • we only offer good value, high quality optional extras
  • we have professional in-house service, repair and MOT centres
  • courtesy cars are available when requested

We have been working like this for the past 30 years and thanks to our much appreciated customer loyalty we like to think we will be doing exactly the same for the next 30.